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Backcountry Carbines

Image - L to R, Ruger 270 22" (for scale), Ruger Lite 7mm08 20", Weatherby Weatherguard 243 20", Remington Model 7 308 18". Backcountry...

Chestnut 17' Guide Special

Chestnut 17' Guide Special This canoe I believe was built in about 1975. A 35" beam, 12.25" depth, about 75 lbs. In cruiser like form,...

These Old Zamberlans

I appreciate that posts on old gear may get dreary. Sorry, but that's all I've got, old stuff, and simple pleasures. I was going to open...

Traditional Gear

Appreciation for Traditional Canoe Tripping Gear I have to confess to being a hopeless gear head. I have collected a considerable array...


Canoes September 9, 2020. I dont sell canoes, at least not yet, I mostly just buy them so far. As a buyer I'd still like to acquire a...

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