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Backcountry Carbines

Image - L to R, Ruger 270 22" (for scale), Ruger Lite 7mm08 20", Weatherby Weatherguard 243 20", Remington Model 7 308 18". Backcountry...

Vaccine Mandate Trends

I have become much more concerned of late with recently announced federal outbound travel restrictions; and public service firings...

Chestnut 17' Guide Special

Chestnut 17' Guide Special This canoe I believe was built in about 1975. A 35" beam, 12.25" depth, about 75 lbs. In cruiser like form,...

These Old Zamberlans

I appreciate that posts on old gear may get dreary. Sorry, but that's all I've got, old stuff, and simple pleasures. I was going to open...

Traditional Gear

Appreciation for Traditional Canoe Tripping Gear I have to confess to being a hopeless gear head. I have collected a considerable array...


Canoes September 9, 2020. I dont sell canoes, at least not yet, I mostly just buy them so far. As a buyer I'd still like to acquire a...

Taking a Break, NWT

Summer 2015 Taking a Break, NWT. Life at this particular moment is good. Just having had my first swim after four days paddling was part...

That Got Outa Hand

Nov 18,2018 Okay people, let's back this bus up a little. Get it a little more straight. We've experimented with some different ways of...

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